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Long time ago, during vineyard development in Cawston, Pavel found a horseshoe…

Welcome to the Horseshoe Found Winery, our land based micro-winery in Cawston, Similkameen Valley, near Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. We are owners and operators of the winery and vineyard, and our names are Pavel and Michaela. Our wines are BC VQA certified, single vineyard, and produced in limited quantity in small batches from grapes grown in our local vineyard.

When we started developing our vineyard more than ten years ago, we made a decision to plant grapes that we like. We developed the vineyard and planted grapes by ourselves. We follow organic practices, but we are not certified organic. If you schedule your visit (please call ahead), you will see weeds growing throughout the vineyard. Many of the weeds are fine, as they house beneficial insects or prevent predatory insects from attacking grape plants. It is an old biodynamic way to manage growing cycle and protect plants.

The winemaking process involves heavy physical activities, and so the first requirement is to be physically fit. We handle grapes in a traditional way and spend time throughout the process to get by without sophisticated equipment. We make our wine balanced dry and full. In many instances we produce our wine using indigenous or combination indigenous and commercial yeast. Our red wine is aged in new French and neutral oak barrels for 16 to 20 months. Our white wines are aromatic and dry with a hint of residual sweetness from Muscat grape, well known for its aromatic properties. We confess that bees and wasps swarm our ripe Muscat block in late summer, if we leave the grapes for longer. Quality matters, and so we rely on harvested grapes to produce wine with a minimal intervention for a preservation of unique conditions these grapes grow, its terroir.

You are welcome to order online or by phone, and pick up your wine at our winery. We accept e-transfer and cash for payment. Our free delivery route is Cawston to Kelowna, and Cawston to Vancouver (through Princeton). Due to our free delivery offered on the above routes, please allow extra time to receive your wine. Currently we can deliver three times a month.

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