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When we started developing our vineyard more than fifteen years ago, we did not know much about grape growing and winery business. We had a passion for wine, a conviction and desire to learn, and we started by planting our favourite wine, Pinot Noir, followed by Gewurztraminer and Muscat and lastly Cabernet Sauvignon.

We arrived to Cawston from a non farming background, and like many other people who travelled here and fell in love with Similkameen Valley, we did so too. Both of us were born in Czechia where we grew up went to school, and then came to Canada, 40 and 30 years ago. After we settled in Vancouver, BC, Pavel worked in mechanical engineering and management roles and Michaela in accounting and administration roles. But we had a dream of having a business of our own and making wine.


One day, in early spring 2006 we travelled through Cawston to Kootenay region and back. In Cawston we saw this place – an old house, bird feeders, mature trees sheltering birds and bees around the property, and a hay field below. It was perfect for us.

What was then a hay field is now a vineyard which we cultivate by using organic and biodynamic practices. An overall eco system matters, and for that reason we do not spray weeds, as they house beneficial insects. At night we can hear sounds of great owl sitting in tall pine trees and hunting for moles (terrible pest!) in vineyards and orchards around us. Cawston and the area are to these days considered an organic capital of Canada, fortunately for owl species.

We rely on quality grapes to produce our wine, the sweetness of Muscat the peppery tones of Gewurztraminer and minerality of Pinot Noir. To be able to produce a good wine, the grapes need attention, balanced nutrients and water intake. It might sound easy, but it was a steep learning curve for us.

The winemaking process involves physical activities, washing, sanitizing, pressing, lifting, racking and filling, and we spend time throughout the process to get by without much of sophisticated machinery. Quality matters, and we rely on harvested grapes to produce wine with a minimal intervention for a preservation of unique conditions these grapes grow, its terroir.  To show this unique site in the wine and present full flavour, and character of the vineyard, we use gifts of nature such as naturally occurring wild yeast on grape berries instead of commercial yeast and an over 8 000 year old technique possibly originating in Georgia of white grapes fermented on skin, which adds complexity of flavour. As we use hardly any additives to our wine, we are currently exploring an idea of connecting with vegan friendly groups to let them know about our wine and we will keep you posted on that in future!

We are open year round, but it is always good idea to check if we are open on the day that you would like to visit. Our hours vary with season too. You are welcome to order online or by phone and pick up the wine at our winery. We accept e-transfer or cash for payment. We also deliver wine (for free), currently once a month. Read more

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