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Horseshoe Found Winery is a land based micro-winery in Similkameen Valley, a lesser known and smaller of two valleys, the other being Okanagan Valley. In the past, Similkameen growers used to specialize in fruit crop more than grape processing, and vineyards were mostly supplying grapes to wineries in Okanagan and Fraser Valley.

As wineries and wine tourism grew on popularity in the last fifteen years, an increasing number of Similkameen vineyards made a decision to add estate winery to their site. Today there are more than twenty wineries home to Similkameen Valley. Horseshoe Found winery received the first licence in 2019 and is family owned and operated.

Terroir of Similkameen Valley is comprised of unique soil qualities high in calcium carbonate that contributes to desired minerality, unique to Similkameen wines along hot temperatures and strong winds.

At Horseshoe Found Winery we craft our wines with as little intervention as possible. Utilizing naturally occurring wild yeast and secondary fermentation in barrels. The white wines are exposed to skin contact, inspired by Georgian style, orange wines, and are barrel aged. Our Pinot Noir is transferred to French new and neutral oak barrels to finish the process with a secondary, malolactic fermentation and age for approximately 16 months. Currently we are departing from filtering wine in order to promote full flavours. This year we are also excited by the fact that we have a first harvest of our own Cabernet Sauvignon, currently ageing in a small barrel until 2024!

Lastly we would like to say that we are proud to be a part of wine growers and winemakers in Similkameen Valley, BC and we look forward to your visit.

Please check our Google posts under Horseshoe Found Winery, as we frequently post time-sensitive promotions, gifts and other interesting information!

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